Contrary to common belief there is no such thing as a ‘common law spouse’ or ‘common law marriage’, this is not a concept recognised by the family courts, in any circumstances.

No amount of cohabitation (living with a partner) whether you have children or not constitutes a marriage and therefore your rights and legal responsibilities upon separation are extremely limited. The law as it stands does not afford either party in the relationship the financial claims that are available to a wife, husband or civil partner upon a divorce/dissolution of a marriage.  

You are likely to be many questions if you are unmarried and find yourself separating after any period of time which will cause a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety as to your financial future. You may have questions about the family home or financial support for yourself or your children. 

We will guide you through those questions, the answers and ascertain what claims you do have, so far as the law provides, to enable your or your children’s needs to be met and ease you through the process.


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