Nicki is a specialist family lawyer with over 28 years of experience dealing with complex financial and children disputes. She is also a committed member of Resolution.

Nicki’s comprehensive knowledge of family law enables her to advise her clients clearly and sufficiently to provide a clear strategy for all aspects of the case.

Nicki has many years of experience on all family issues including Separation/DivorceFinancesChildren,
Unmarried CouplesCohabitation disputesand Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

Nicki’s ability to get to the root of issues quickly and see the bigger picture is an enviable skill. Her lengthy career and a particular interest in complex financial matters, has provided her with extensive experience in dealing with complex, technical and multi-asset & jurisdictional financial issues arising from a relationship breakdown.

Nicki’s career has been built on a solid understanding of the needs of her clients and provides a firm but friendly and approachable service to all clients.

Nicki always works to secure a fair outcome for all of her clients preferably through negotiated settlements by using dispute resolution methods. However, where this is not possible she is an expert in securing the best outcome possible through Court proceedings.