We are super excited to announce that we are expanding

We are super excited to announce that we are expanding. Not only do we have a new member to our support team but we are expanding our offering.

As you know, Nicki and Emma are specialist family lawyers, it’s what they live and breathe.

With immediate effect, the fabulous Madeline Harris has joined us to head up our new private client department. 

So a little reminder of what this means and what we can offer you:

Family Law

As family lawyers we assist clients navigate separating from a spouse or partner or indeed, planning to live with or marry a partner and planning a life together. We have a wealth of experience in the following main areas and everything in between:

➡️Child arrangements and other issues concerning children such as schooling, travel or relocating abroad or medical care

➡️Cohabitation and Separation Agreements

➡️Divorce, separation and dissolution

➡️Domestic Abuse

➡️Financial claims arising on a breakdown of a relationship or marriage

➡️Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

➡️Process options for resolving disputes

➡️Unmarried couples

We assist clients in the early stages of thinking about separation, at the start of the journey or any time thereafter. It’s never too late to get support and seek specialist advice.

We work with a cultivated team of individuals in supporting roles including consultants,  IFA’s, therapists, family consultants, parenting coordinators, mediators, tax advisors and accountants to name but a few.

We work within a variety of process options, ensuring the best approach for your circumstances including arbitration, early neutral evaluation, mediation, solicitor negotiations, round table negotiations, private FDRs and court.

We offer all issues mediation and One Lawyer One Client services.

Private Client

A few people have asked recently what private client means.

As a private client solicitor, Madeline advices on

➡️ Wills and testamentary issues

➡️ Trusts

➡️ Intestacies

➡️Estate Administration

➡️ Lasting Powers of Attorney / Court of Protection

➡️ Post death variations

➡️ Declarations of Trust

Madeline assists clients at all stages of life and circumstances in later life planning, thinking about the future and how you want your estate, personal and financial affairs to be handled. 

Madeline has considerable experience, she specialises in power of attorney and Court of Protection and can deal with matters where we are appointed attorney or deputy, helping and guiding clients to navigate through managing their financial affairs and retaining independence for as long as possible.

Madeline shares the NE Family Law ethos of working within a broader team in supporting roles and has established relationships with IFAs, tax advisors, accountants to compliment the work and advice she gives.

If you find yourself needing guidance or advice in any of the above areas, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Nicki, Emma or Madeline or click here. We listen and we are here to help.


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