Good Divorce Week 2021

This week (29th November to 3rd December) is Good Divorce Week. 

Resolution – First for Family Law released research today which shows that 1/3 of separating parents felt they didn’t have access to advice for how to address their separation and putting their children. 

Good Divorce Week is not only aimed at promoting a constructive and solution-focused approach to resolving family issues but highlighting and educating parents on putting their children first through their Parenting through Separation Guide.

In our experience, all parents want to put their children first, but this can sometimes be clouded by dealing with the broader issues and the emotional turmoil many people experience during the separation process, along with the natural anxieties and uncertainties this inevitably brings. 

As well as seeking advice on your particular circumstances, the Parenting through Separation Guide is a fantastic resource for any dealing with family conflict, divorce or separation and provides valuable insight and advice to help you and your partner/spouse manage your conflict and support your children. There is a really helpful video Divorce: 5 Great Ways To Put Children First | Resolution – YouTube.

The key messages for helping your children through the separation process:

  • Communication – don’t underestimate your children. They are perceptive, they feel the changes going on and will want to talk and have their questions answered. This should be done in an age-appropriate way. 
  • Show a united front – try and speak to the children together and give them the same message.  Ultimately children need reassurance, that they are loved and this is not their fault.
  • Manage anger – children of different ages will deal with change in different ways, try and help them manage their emotions with support and appropriate boundaries.
  • Look after yourself – your own wellbeing is key to supporting your children. There is so much support available for people going through family difficulties, don’t be afraid to use it.
  • Find a way to co-parent moving forward – whilst all family dynamics are different, supporting your children having a relationship with both of you is so important.  They have many years ahead of where they will need love, guidance and support and will want to share their milestones and special moments with both of you, so finding a way to do this is so important.

You can contact myself or Nicki to obtain a free copy of the Guide. 

If you wish to discuss your difficulties and how we may be able to help or make recommendations for other support services, we are happy to have a no-obligation chat and you can reach us on 0203 924 8462 or on  You can also find our top tips for choosing a family lawyer here: How to pick the right family lawyer for you | NE Family Law (

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