Some people do not realise they have been a victim of domestic abuse until they seek help to end their relationship/marriage. Some are accused of domestic abuse and maintain their innocence.

Allegations of domestic abuse often involve complex concepts such as coercive control and narcissistic personality disorder. All allegations or responses to such allegations need to be unravelled and handled delicately and sensitively.

Victims of domestic abuse include women, men and children (if witnessed by them). It can come in many forms and vary in its severity and impact on those involved.

Domestic abuse can be

  • physical
  • emotional
  • psychological
  • sexual
  • financial

We have been involved in cases representing those clients who find themselves the victim of domestic abuse and need the assistance of the court to protect them/their family and also clients who have been accused of domestic abuse and are responding to (often) emergency orders made by the court such as occupation and non-molestation orders and also in cases where such allegations cross over into private law children matters.


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